About Us

Blueskin Energy Ltd’s directors bring a wealth of experience in ethical finance, management and the energy sector.

BEL’s directors are: Charles Abraham, Tony Wilson and Chris Freear.

Scott Willis is BEL’s General Manager. He is also Chairperson of the Energy Committee at the Otago Chamber of Commerce and in October 2019 was appointed to the Innovation and Participation Advisory Group by the Electricity Authority.

Our History

  • BEL was established by BRCT in 2013.
  • BEL submitted an application for a the Blueskin Wind Farm development in 2015.
  • Resource Consent for the Blueskin Wind Farm development was declined by the Dunedin City Council in 2015.
  • The Environment Court declined BEL’s appeal against the Dunedin City Council in 2017.
  • The Blueskin Energy Network was established in 2017 and first customers connected in April 2018.
  • New Zealand’s first climate safe house was formally opened by Marama Davidson MP, Dunedin Mayor Aaron Hawkins and Antony Deaker (Ngai Tahu) in February 2020.

The Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust (BRCT)

The dividends we produce will help support BRCT’s vision and the Trust’s mission to strengthen our communities and create models of resilient action in implementing local climate change solutions with an emphasis on water, energy, and regeneration.

We anticipate a growing demand for these services through time. Our model of social enterprise is a financially sustainable business model that aims to deliver environmental and social benefit, and is now more than ever necessary to create resilient local economies while eliminating poverty and respecting nature’s limits.

We will share our experience widely.